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Thank you for visiting our website!  We want to give you some information in how you can schedule and book your appointment(s) directly with us or redeem your SlimCo or Get Your Massage Now Groupon. Please read this information as this is your guide to helping you to successfully schedule and book your upcoming appointment. 

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Scheduling and Booking Through Our Booking Site (Linked to our website)

Our primary goal is to help you to reach your health, wellness and beauty goals!  We do this together!  Part of what is required is for you to schedule and book your appointment(s).  We recommend that you utilize the links for booking throughout the website to book your appointment.  ALL of our pricing is updated in our booking website, and you will find all of our treatments listed. 

Once you log into the booking portal, you will be required to create your profile.  This helps us to identify who you are and make sure that we are prepared for your upcoming appointment.  To create a profile, you will be required to place a credit card on file.  This credit card can be used for payment of the treatments you are scheduling at checkout, or it can be used to pay for late, no-show, cancellation and/or reschedule fees that are outside of our company policy and guidelines. 

When booking online; you will receive an email and/or text confirming your appointment once it has been approved.  If it is not approved; you will be contacted to determine if we can schedule for another time (same day) or another date and time. 

Our late, no-show, cancellation and reschedule policy is listed in the digital paperwork in which you will sign-off on once you schedule and book your appointment.  Please note, we cannot treat anyone who fails to complete the digital paperwork or refuses to place a credit card on file.  


You cannot use the same email address when booking for different people (spouse, partner or child).  If you are booking for your child, the parent or guardian will need to sign off on all the documents.  We will be alerted when all of the documents have been completed.  If you fail to complete these documents BEOFRE your scheduled appointment; we will not be able to provide treatment.  Please make every effort to complete them once you receive the email with the coordinating documents. 

Consultations do not have any treatment documents attached to them.  Once you have completed your consultation and move forward with your treatment plan; you will receive the digital paperwork in your email. Should you allow your digital paperwork email to expire; we charge a $20 fee to resubmit the documents to you.  We ask that you make every effort to read and sign off on the documents immediately to avoid being charged a fee.   

Always check your spam/junk for the digital paperwork, as sometimes email systems will automatically divert the documents to this box. 

Groupon Customers Redeeming a
SlimCo or Get Your Massage Now Groupon

Congratulations on the purchase of your Groupon!

We are in partnership with SlimCo and Get Your Massage Now.  This means that we do not redeem your Groupon.  You must do this via the corporate office when you schedule your appointment. 

Get Your Massage Now only offers our Massotherapy services, which is not a massage. Feel free to review our services for a more insightful view of what is being offered and how you can be benefit from this Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy.

All clients receiving treatment via SlimCo or Get Your Massage Now Groupon are required to follow our company policies and guidelines, as well as hygiene requirements. 

You must schedule, cancel and reschedule ALL of your appointments via the corporate office.  The corporate office will submit an email to us to put you on our calendar or to make any necessary adjustments, should you require a change to your schedule. 

Groupon clients are REQUIRED to have a credit card on file.  This means, when you receive the digital paperwork, you will be required to update your profile with a credit card kept on file our system.  Failure to provide a credit card on file will result in us advising the corporate office who may opt to void your appointment for not following company guidelines. 

SLIMCO - 877-404-3053  

GET YOUR MASSAGE NOW - 844-707-8500

Contact Main Office With Questions or Concerns

We are always looking to protect you and our staff!  Please make sure that you wear a mask to your appointment(s).  If you are sick, please utilize the 24-hour in advance policy to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment(s).  If you have COVID or are getting over COVID, we REQUIRE a negative COVID test (within 48 hours) of your scheduled appointment

Main Office:  865-936-2769

Text Messaging:  865-205-8437