About Us


As soon as you step through the doors of the Beauty Secrets Spa & Wellness Center, the relaxing surroundings will ease your stress, calm your worries, and soothe your soul. We invite you in with all your senses. Calm music that lifts your spirit, aromatherapy that transports you to fields of ease, and warm lighting that comforts your gaze. Our sessions are designed especially for you, customized to meet your individual needs. We’ll ask a few questions, and we’ll listen, to get to the root causes of your concerns. Your Licensed and Certified Medical Aestheticism Professional will then detail a tailored plan of action carefully selected from our offerings:  perhaps weight loss, skin rejuvenation, slimming, skin care programs and more. . .







Non-Invasive Therapies

Most of our treatments available are NON-INVASIVE; which means that you will experience treatments that do not pierce the skin. We also offer minimally-invasive treatments where we can offset discomfort by providing a topical numbing cream.

ALL treatments DO NOT require the use of anesthesia, no down-time, no surgery, no recovery time . . . JUST RESULTS. We provide a variety of solutions to body slimming, detoxification, muscle relaxation, joint pain relief, holistic skincare, skin rejuvenation, and more!



(1)  ALL CLIENTS must wear a mask while inside our office building and offices.  If you do not have a mask; you may purchase one from us for $5.


(2)  ALL CLIENTS must adhere to our office policies in regards to late/no-show fees, cancellations, reschedules and also refusal of services.  Please feel free to read this information posted near our front desk/checkout area and/or documented in your paperwork for treatment.


(3)  NO GUESTS.  Please do not bring family and/or friends to wait for you as you receive treatment.  Your guest(s) can wait for you in the car or remain at home.  Any guest(s)that you bring with you will be asked to leave immediately.


(4)  Personal Hygiene is important to deter the spread of viruses and disease.  Clients must maintain proper personal hygiene with no unpleasant odors.


(5) ALL STAFF will wear masks when services clients.  We will maintain our current standards; which are above the minimum required for sanitation and disinfection.


(6)  DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  We cannot allow anyone to sit in our offices for prolonged periods of time unless you are receiving treatment and/or services.


(7)  We reserve the right to take forehead temperature (whether required by law or due our office policies).  We also reserve the right to decline services to anyone with even a slightly elevated temperature and/or indications of illness.  We also require you to answer questions pertaining to your well being.  you will held accountable for your answers to us and it will be documented in your file..  *We follow CDC guidelines for temperature  to determine illness since we do not offer a full medical screening and/or exam. 

WE appreciate each and every one of our clients and our goal to is to help you reach yours . . . however, this can't be done unless we make sure we are incorporating the proper protocols to keep everyone safe.